Thursday, July 2, 2009


It's late and not too much is going on except it's hot! I don't know what to do in heat when I don't have a pool or the beach. Am I spoiled? Maybe, I am or maybe it's the fact that I grew up in a place that was always super hot, so finding a pool wasn't hard. In fact, we had one in our backyard. And when we didn't have a pool-one our friends did or we used a slip and slide. Dang. Those were fun times!

Just got back from Hawaii. Relaxed a ton. Swam a lot. Slept a lot. and ate yummy food. Enjoyed spending time with my honey. We had a good time.

Looking forward to seeing so many fun, happy, nice faces this weekend. I am going to take pictures. I haven't been doing that much lately. I am a little on the tired side.

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shannon said...

don't you sometimes feel like you need a vacation after you get back from vacation? i was exhausted after going to to los angeles for the week. of course, i was put to work and swooning over my nephew...

i'm now better after a full day off (yesterday) and car shopping (wednesday).

i will text you some potential hang out dates? xoxo