Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't forget the real ones.

FB is great! I love it but let's not forget how to be real friends (me included). The kind that show genuine compassion. I am a big fan. It's easy to keep in contact with people you don't really get to see and to say hi to those you love when time gets busy busy. I just don't want to forget the real world of chatter, hanging out and most of all....laughing!

I do have to say thank you to my lovely friend Shannon--Thank you! You are super fantastic. She got me a floppy white hat for Hawaii. She saw the hat and knew that I wanted one and snagged it for me. Also, she gave me a framed knitted owl picture that her grandmother made. How nice is that? I mean, really. She thinks of people even when they are not around. That is too sweet. She is good people. xo

And this good weather has left our yard blooming and our new maple tree looking pretty! Can't wait til it's big.


shannon said...

you are most welcome. grandma sam's crewel work needed to go to someone who would appreciate it. ;) the hat just screamed your name (and aren't we glad for modern technology that allowed me to photograph it and send you the pic to approve?!)

things happen when they are supposed to. you came into my life when i needed you. i'm glad you did!!

see you tomorrow! YEA!!!

Amy Ellen said...

Awwww........this made me smile:).

Can't wait to see the new maple!

Skyline & Sunshine said...

shannon you are awesome! thanks for coming out to the par-tay. glad you were able to make it. and the spot for the owl picture is perfect. didn't even take me long to find it a home. :)