Monday, December 15, 2008

Find that pair

I did not have to work yesterday and I don't have to work today what with this crazy winter weather. This means all of the hobby stuff I wanted to try and squeeze in are now totally possible. Got the xmas cards out the door, almost done xmas shopping, started baking, and will whip up some Rosie Ro. goods. All of this while the whole "artic blast 2008" continues to reign in our holiday season. I am so thankful for our fantastic heating system. It is so cozy and warm, I just can't believe it. Sometimes I wish I had a fireplace but cannot complain about the heating system we do have.

This picture will forever be a nice little adventure and memory of "artic blast 2008". My brave manager and I decided to attempt the trek to work which is quite far from our homes in this weather. She has a Subaru and is from Kansas, so we figured with her driving experience and 4 wheel drive--we had it made. That was until we started our way to the 2nd freeway we needed to merge onto. Things became blurry from the snow blowing side ways. There was a truck spun out on the side of the road. Then my co-worker turned to me and asked me where we were? That is when I knew we might be screwed. At this point, we finished out the crossing of the bridge and went home. It took her 50 minutes to get home from my house (usually a 25-30 min drive). Thank goodness we got home safe!


shannon said...

second attempt at commenting:

it was a fun adventure. i'm glad we didn't get any further along in it!

although i am glad that we shared part of it with one another.

erin said...

Looks cold! I'm glad you made it back home safe. It is pretty cold here, too, but no snow! Just frost. Have a safe trip down!

pennystripe said...

We just got your christmas card! Pretty adorable! And what a good Rosie.

Skyline & Sunshine said...

shannon-glad we aren't attempting tomorrow! it is so much worse out there.

erin--we are currently experiencing 'artic blast 2008' so we are probably not coming. it has snowed all day here which is very unusual. i am going to email you. or call you soon. xo

pennystripe--i didn't know you had a blog! yay! thanks! it took like 50 takes to try and get rosie in the photo. she would either look at us or get up. :)