Sunday, November 23, 2008

"so long, lost loves"

Racing through T.V. channels, I stopped on ABC world news (I think). They were doing a special on the 'Mates of State'. I just so happen to L.O.V.E. them. They were doing a segment on how they work as a family on the road touring all over the place. I give some serious props to them for sticking by their passion to make music while really making the effort be great parents and provide such an awesome experience that most children will never get to see. Mr. and Mrs. Mates of State keep a blog sharing some of their life experiences as parents on the go. And I don't mean just go to the store and work. I mean seriously on the go---temporary house on wheels--on the go. I know I am going to be addicted to reading their blog now. Add that to my list of daily reads. There is definitely something intriguing about living the life as a rock star and at the same time--being able to have a family. It's adorable.

check it out:

Band on The Diaper Run

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