Friday, December 26, 2008

Mix. Wrap. Steam.

happy holidays to you and yours!

The holidays have been full of fun and adventure. Our traveling plans were recently canceled due to the an insane snow storm that the Pacific Northwest endured. The east coasters may think we are wimps but it closed us down. I am not exactly sure how much snow we got but it looked at it's deepest about 2 feet or so. It is still with us--this snow. It's getting slushy and brown but the side streets are still hard to drive on, if you can get your car moving.

Christmas was spent with friends, tamales, beans, rice, pumpkin pie, sweet potato mash, wine, whiskey, games, music and chatting. It was mellow and fun. I am thankful for all those great folks and their dedication to trudge through the snow for a little xmas spirit. I totally didn't take any photos which bums me the heck out.

In other news:
+we celebrated scott's birthday.
+we recently had a ladies night. The ladies brought their yummiest dish and shared it with everyone. It worked out perfectly. Hopefully, this can be a tradition.
+i baked more cookies/breads/crumbles than i ever had baked before. a small portion of what i actually baked.

+started a book club. first book: middlesex

+and other stuff too.

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