Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tree house song

My new favorite flower is the Peony. Not sure why I have just decided this. Mostly, in the past I haven't felt the need to pick a favorite flower. I like all flowers. Sure, some I like more than others but overall I like to give the love to all of the flowers. Yesterday, we picked some Peonies from a U-pick place out here in Portland. We picked 8 of them. I picked one 1 white one that was completely closed and today it has started opening. It is so beautiful.

Say Thank you to for some fun facts on the Peony:

The Chinese name for peony is "sho yu" which means "most beautiful" Colour: Colours range from pure white through baby pinks and palest peaches to clear deep pink and darkest rich maroon. There is also a pale yellow but it is rare. Availabilty: Peonies are only available between late May and early July, so get them while you can!
Care Tips:
Peonies are very thirsty flowers, so make sure you top up the vase or bowl.
Medicinal: The Greeks believed they could cure over 20 ailments, and every monastery garden boasted a peony bush. History: Peonies have been cultivated for over 2,000 years, more for their medicinal qualities than for ornament. The Japanese protect the earliest peony blooms from the snow by protecting them with individual small thatched shelters. Some geishas used to wear special peony colours. The Chinese also idolised this flower. Peony motifs, particularly bright red ones, can be found on Chinese silks and in their exuberant wood carvings. The common thread is that the flower always denotes luxury and

While out picking peonies, we also picked some strawberries with the intention of baking a Strawberry pie. YES! There is no way mine will look like this.....

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meg duerksen said...

i love peonies too!
they are so pretty and big and have so many petals on just one flower.
i love them.