Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Find a penny pick it up

Save your pennies people!! This morning I was listening to my morning talk show on my tiny commute into work. My ears perked up when I heard there is this new website called somethingstore.com. Basically, you pay $10.00 and they send you something. No seriously. It could be a keychain or an ipod. Are you kidding me? Oh so that is what I was thinking. The moment I got to work-I looked it up. It's true, people. It is so true. You maybe might want to try it. You could get something so lame but I am totally going to do it and report back.


Kate of All Trades said...

I did this after seeing it here on your blog. It still hasn't arrived but I am SOOOOOOOOO excited!

Skyline & Sunshine said...

Hi Kate! I am still waiting on mine too. I wonder if they weren't expecting so much traffic because I did hear it on NPR that morning. Maybe they maxed and became a tad behind. ;) I am excited to get mine. I'll be sharing once I get. oh the suspense.