Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hold me, mold me

You know how you realize things about yourself? Sometimes for the first time and others for like the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time? Below is a list of those things.

1. I love hate/sweet snacks. That includes....hershey kisses. A lot of them. Especially under stress. Please notice there are no hershey kisses in picture below. They are in my belly and now part of my, well, you know.

2. I like to throw just about anything on the grill, including romaine lettuce. Scrumptious.
3. I can't read 1 book at a time. I just can't. I am serious.
4. TV on DVD rocks my world.
5. I love being a homeowner and having this house to call our own. a lot. a lot. i love it.
6. Our animals are spoiled and it's fun.
7. Decorating our new house gives me great satisfaction.
8. There are still so many places I haven't seen.
9. I am ready for a fun summer. Does summer still include sun in other parts of the world? I forget living in Portland. Although, the weather has been magnificent lately.
10. I love finding treasures at estate sales.

11. My family is the cutest especially when they feed Lorikeets at the zoo.

12. I like to be surprised. My something from the somethingstore.com came and here it is....a wine bag! A fancy sturdy one-lined with felt. It's cute. I am happy with it. It was worth it.

13. Gardening makes me happy. Look how happy the veggies are.

14. I love picnics with homemade pizza.

15. I can't stop buying new plants and veggie and fruit and herb trees....

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Kate of All Trades said...

Oh man! I did the Something store too. But all I got was a tiny magnetic dart set. It sucked, I didn't even blog about it.

Yay for you though!