Friday, April 11, 2008

Feel the sun seep into your skin

I just popped in the "Sleater Kinney" cd, One Beat. I forgot how much I love that album. I became re-obsessed with them when this album came out. They did an incredible job of evolving and not sounding exactly the same as before and stepping it up. They are true musicians. Not just chicks playing instruments and that is something I have always truly admired about them. This album holds a lot of memories for me. Music has played a huge in my life. I don't play an instrument although I have tried and felt I just wasn't cut out for it. I love going to shows and hearing new fresh music. Someday, I hope to go the ladies rock camp-here in Portland, OR. Coincidentally, Carrie Brownstein teaches at the girls rock camp...or has in the past.

Some of the proceeds from this ladies camp goes toward funding the girls rock camp. I can definitely get behind that. I have always been too shy and pretty much was terrified of the idea of being on a stage. Now, I don't care. sort of. I am going to be that girl.

I leave you a little rock. Not from 'One beat' but from 'The Woods.' Hot Damn. You cannot deny the hotness these ladies exude.

I had to watch 2 times.

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