Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vitamin D

76 degrees and sunny in Portland, Oregon. You may be scratching your head pondering the idea but YES-it actually happened. A few friends and I decided to gear up and make some plans for the big day. We decided that yard work/lounging in the sun was in order and then a BBQ. Before we had the BBQ, we lounged in LOUNGE CHAIRS and read and hubby did yard work-go hubby! We grabbed some SPF 50, sunglasses, a hat, and our lounge chairs. We then hit the backyard-Cali style without the pool. When I closed my eyes I could see a sparkling pool.

My cutie husband worked so hard weeding/yardening. Our adorable dog, Rosie, was helping.

It was an impromptu BBQ, which meant there was really no planning. In the end, this meant a lot of food. Never a bad thing though. Who doesn't need 13 bags of chips.

Friends from Cali were in town to enjoy our 1 day of really awesome weather.

We played in the sun.

Some four square had to be played. I need some practice. I suck. and I really don't mind.

By the end of the night, Wubbit became sad that she had to leave.

Today it's partly cloudy and warm. Although, as I write this....the clouds are rolling in. We are to expect SLEET this week. huh.

And, because I can-a list of to-do's and stuff:
--Must make a grocery list.
--Go grocery shopping.
--Finish my part of the weeding.
--Finish knitting the 2 scarves I started 1 thousand years ago.
--Finish reading 'Kafka on the shore'-sheesh. Good but sheesh.
--Re-arrange our 2nd room to be my office. I don't even know where to start. I might need to call in Kate of All Trades.
--Buy some new kicks. (Summer sandals and tennis shoes).
--Build a garden box. PLANT VEGGIES.
--Passive Aggressive blogging by others is AWESOME.

M. Ward on Conan


Kate of All Trades said...

Saturday was AWESOME. The upside to living in Portland? I'm so grateful for days like that. I used to take them for granted in CA.

PS - Look for something fun in the mail today. Or maybe tomorrow.

Skyline & Sunshine said...

I know. I agree, I definitely took them for granted.

I got the bracelet. It's so pretty. It will be a great summer accessory. :)