Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Christmas Valentine's day!

Because we don't often get vacations, we like to stay in a hotel when we go to Fresno. It's fun and relaxing to have a place to go after visiting family. My favorite new fresno hotel is La Quinta on Tulare. Watch out! Plus they let up to two dogs in their rooms. Um....we have two, so that is perfect.
Our drive down wasn't too bad although with puppy in tow took about 2 hours longer than normal. Oh was worth it.

We had a great time seeing friends and family. I didn't take a lot of pictures which I am bummed about. Next time I suppose. I did take some photos of our trip to the park. Our family is the cutest.


shannon said...

so glad the kids got to go. was wondering about that. :) as for pictures, i always tell myself i will take a ton and then never even take one. there's something about enjoying the moment that you are part of, instead of trying to preserve them all...although i love me some pics, too.

erin said...

what cute kiddies! wish we could have made it to the park that day... but i'm glad we got to see you guys!

and.. i think staying in a hotel while visiting family is a GREAT idea.

Skyline & Sunshine said...

shannon, we didn't take rosie but if we get a wagon--we will next time. she was watched by a squad of people who loved on her the whole time. ;P i love me some pics too.

erin, maybe next time we can go to the park again and you can bring frankie. we would loves that!