Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crafting in bare arms

I know it's crazy but I love Martha Stewart. There are so many other creative blogs and don't get me wrong-I read those too! I promise. And I know that Martha does not come up with all of the ideas that are on her website, tv show and any other media outlet she owns. I just know it's a trusty wealth of information. One of my favorite parts is the 'Craft of the Day'. Every day they list a new craft with details and even a video! I am such a cheeseball.

Oh and have you heard? People are making a big deal of Michelle Obama's sleeveless dresses. Oh dear. I am so glad she is not wearing sleeves. People are complaining that it says she doesn't take speeches and being a first lady seriously. Bring on the Bare arms! Doesn't she look so not serious?

1 comment:

shannon said...

she looks radiant! i loved that dress on her, no matter what others said.

the green number she wore for stevie wonder's white house concert was stunning!