Monday, January 19, 2009

New blog ideas stolen from new and old....

Stolen blog idea #1: Going to purchase a walking tour book of Portland and go for it. Then I will log it here. Let you know how it is and post some photos! Woot. I already have one of the hiking trails of Portland books, so I think I will mix it up.

Stolen blog idea #2: Randomly and every so often I will post a friend appreciation photo with a paragraph or two of why I think they are awesome and super fantastic. About 2 years ago, I did a livejournal post giving a shout out to all the amazing people in my life. Let's relive that and start a new way of doing it. It will be even better.

Looking at my life, I have so many fantastic friends. Friends that are close. Friends that are closer and many friendly acquaintances. And I am so thankful for these people in my life. Thankful in so many different ways.

Not Stolen blog idea #1: Going to post my growing out hair every so often. Don't get too excited! I am even going to grow out my bangs. We'll see how long that lasts.

Not Stolen blog idea #2: Very seldomly will update my jogging status.

Not Stolen blog idea #3: Going to attempt to photo a dinner a month with a brief overview and pictures, of course. Maybe I'll utilize that Holga camera that has been in the box forever. Maybe.


shannon said...

i love the idea of themed entries. can't wait to read of places to go in p-town!

Amy Ellen said...

1. What is a Holga camera? It sounds like whatever it is it must be awesome.
2. Love all these ideas. Hopefully we can coordinate some of our walks sometime!:)
3. Blog away...........:)

Skyline & Sunshine said...

thanks ladies!

amy, a holga is...

it's pretty cool. creates great light and a rough quality. loves it.