Sunday, June 1, 2008

Find the time to add your baggage

I am so very far behind in the happenings of anything.

At least twice a day, I think of things I could write about. Then I forget and get backed up. Here is an update of sorts.

Recently, I made a delish summer salad. No olive oil-only veggies and lemon juice..oh and sea salt. Talk about simple and delicious. You have got to try it.

We have been working so hard on projects around our house. We have completely redone the 2nd bedroom. Which proved to be a seriously daunting task. Now we just need to pull it all together. I am now on the hunt for fun vintage filler. You know the kind? Dishes, knick knacks, etc...gunnabeawsum!

Our yesterday was insanely busy. We helped moved some friends into their new apartment. yeehaw! The new place is double the size of our house. Maybe bigger.

Then we went to a wedding. That was o so sweet and wonderful. Nothing better than a ceremony on a beautiful farm under a giant oaktree. The reception blessed my tummy with some red velvet cupcakes.

This was our view from our table. Yeah, we live in a beautiful beautiful place.

And not too far off the beaten path, you could find these little guys.

Lastly, we headed out to a friends late night birthday cocktail hour-z. SC and I played a very long game of pool and I lost. We were so glad that game was over. And, of course, we played some hot dice where I lost lost again. And there may or may not have been 3 glasses of liquid knocked over all within 6 minutes. That is when you know the party has really started.

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