Thursday, May 29, 2008

Are you?

A yuppie? Are we yuppies?

We have recently been informed that because we want to buy a boat-we are yuppies! We are not yuppies in my book.

The argument was interesting though. If we are yuppies based on being a hip urban professional than I will take that title. Unfortunately, that means we are all yuppies in our group of friends-even if you are in the educational field.

And then I had to think why do I hate this term? It's because a yuppie to me is an attitude..a demeanor that goes with having money to act that way. It reminds me of those people that I didn't like in high school because they based their status on material things. And as an adult, they are people who I don't really associate with. I don't consider my friends yuppies because they are not snotty and uptight.

So, anyways...I take the term yuppie (according to my definition) as an insult.

We are still selling our car and buying a boat and an old diesel car, so that we can run it on biodiesel.

What is your idea of a yuppie?


Sio said...

I think it stands for young urban professional, so I am feeling not young and therefore, not a yuppie. However, my older brother would certainly call me young. I think yuppies was very much a term of the times, back in the 80s-90s. I don't think the social environment is right anymore to use the word. My question is, what the hell is a hipster?

Skyline & Sunshine said...

sio-yeah, i think so too but i also know that i always thought yuppies were snobby and uptight. i guess we are young but not snobby or uptight.

it totally was a term of the times-i agree. people still use it obviously...calling us yuppies for buying a boat. i am going to call our boat THE YUPPIE! and then we'll have a little boat called the guppie. ohmygawd. how tute.

oh the hipster. dunno. my definition: a young person who is stylized from head to toe with whatever the current trend is or even was. there claim to cool is how much they identify with one certain group-like hard core indie rocker kids. swoopy bangs, tight pants, rubberbands around their wrists, converse and wouldn't be caught dead listening to anything on the radio-vinyl and cd only. :p

i love hipsters!

Justus Ballard said...

I always associated "snobby and uptight" with the rich people. Yuppies aren't rich--they're more like the new bourgeoisie, leading comfortably middle-class lives dedicated to conforming to the image and values of the society they live in.

And I'd say we're doing a pretty good job of that.

Maybe the reason the term carries such negative connotations is because the image and values of the 80s were so repellent.

Amy Ellen said...

I think that the yuppies of the 80s have morhped into metrosexulas and the women who love them. There is another group emerging here. Young urban professionals who are beginning to have a little bit of disposable income and who are very interested in being "green" in anyway they can. These people come with and without kids. What do you call these people? We need a new term I suppose.

Skyline & Sunshine said...

Justus-I see your point in Rich vs. Yuppie. We have different ideas of what a yuppie is. I understand your definition though. Good definition. You should add it to Wikipedia.

Skyline & Sunshine said...

amy-good point...yippie would be funny but that is an actual term that i had never heard of until recently.

hm....what could we call ourselves?

Amy Ellen said...


Amy Ellen said...

Apparently GOSSIPS are the new yuppies and we are totally NOT gossips:)

Gadget Obsessed, Status Symbol Infatuated Professionals (GOSSIPS)

Skyline & Sunshine said...

ew...that was so 5 years ago. j/k.

i am certainly not gadget obsessed. ha! maybe kitchen accessory obsessed. i guess i am pretty worried about my status.


Amy Ellen said...

Yeah, when I read the part about being obssessed with your status I immediately thought of you! Ha ha JK. Its actually totally the opposite:)