Friday, February 1, 2008

Do not be jealous of my hotnesssssss...

Off and on throughout my life I have been a jogger. A little bit here and a little bit there. Recently, I have decided to go back to the gym because it rains too much here and I can't always just pop outside and do a little dance a roo in my neighborhood. I guess I could, although, I am not that fond of being sopping wet. Really. In my quest to maintain exercising through the rainy season, I signed on the dotted line and began my journey. Everyday after work I join the small group of people who lug their shit to the gym to keep up with their 2008 goals.

For the past month and a half, I have been religiously going. Pretty much not missing a day. Working myself up to a 25 minute run and 25 minutes of walking. Pretty good, eh? Yesterday, I decide to go to a cardio class and the emphasis is on kick boxing. I am thinking, "rad!" Oh no no...I get there and I am doing my thing, I am feeling good about this and still thinking..."wow, something to look forward to." knee gives out. Uh oh. I keep going because, well, I am not a quitter. Who cares that my knee pain is so bad it's shooting pains into my ass. Eventually, I give into the pain and tell the instructor with hopes that she has some advice in how to care for it. She takes one glance at my shoes and says, "how old are those?" Uh oh. I was caught. I couldn't even remember how old my shoes were. I was instructed to get a new pair because my current ones have no support and is most likely the reason my knee is messed up.

When I got home, I realized I had really done a number because it hurt SO bad and it was bruised. REALLY?! How old am I? Stupid Shoes. Today, I scour the internet for that perfect pair. Which ones? has some advice on low cost good running shoes. Let's look.

I do love me some New Balance.........

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