Saturday, January 26, 2008

Show me your waffle, Flavour Spot

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If you live in North Portland you have seen this cart many a times. Nestled in the parking lot next to videorama. Living around the corner I have noticed this pimped out cart and long lines of people. Before I went there...I thought, "they must have some tasty coffee." Wasn't until friends filled me in. We trekked our 5 minute walk and discovered that waffles folded up like a taco filled with pretty much whatever your heart desires might be the most amazing breakfast idea. ever. Since our first encounter with the "little green" we've been, well, let's say....a lot. Go there because you can eat this.....

Butter & Powdered Sugar $2 Crispy, fluffy, sweet and buttery. Simple and delicious.

Ham & Cheese $4
Black Forest ham and cheddar or smoked gouda cheese. Very filling.

Sausage & Maple $4
Pork sausage patties and 100% pure organic maple spread. Sweet, salty, delicious! Substitute veggie sausage for $.50 extra.

Sweet Cream & Jam $3.50
Whipped cream cheese with real vanilla and a touch of sweetness. Served with organic strawberry or raspberry jam. Our regulars’

Peanut Butter & Jelly $3.50
Creamy, chunky, or all natural peanut butter and organic jam or grape jelly. Many delicious combinations are possible for you here.

The Ice Cream Sandwich $4
A fresh baked waffle wrapped around a chocolate coated slab of vanilla ice cream. Whipped cream? Sprinkles? No Problem. You could share this...or not. Unbelieveable.

Caramel syrup
for moon-waffles!

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