Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sometimes, I do...Read it

Man, I wish I could make up my mind about blogging. I often think I should just go back to livejournal. I really have nothing to write anymore. I write in my actual journal which is just for moi. Sometimes I do like to share though, so it's nice to keep it open.

We did go here last night. Oh and here. It was LB's birthday. The glow in the dark mini-golf was super. It was no Blackbeards but still fun!! At the other place I played pinball, ms. pac-man, and a lot of driving games. It seems maybe I should stick to those. I tried playing TRON and it was sad. Oh and we strolled around downtown with S and B on our bicicletas and we pretended to be a bike gang. We weren't the tough kind though just the take up the lane kind.

It is so beautiful out right now. It is a little unreal. I need to go out there. A bike ride is in order. A really long one. Me my sunscreen, a packed lunch, a book and a destination.

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