Monday, September 3, 2007

Barnstock 2007

There was some serious fun to be had...

delightful young man

dr. rocket and the moon patrol

A's cute parents dancing to their special anniversary song.

disneyland being the cutest little dog eva.

g and disneyland being cute together.

n striking poses.

wheels of fortune from a distance.

there are many many more pictures....this is just what i threw up. go here and see the rest if you'd like.

A whirlwind of a trip happened. We managed to squeeze in visiting family, eating tasty mexican food, seeing lovely faces, rocking out, drinking beers, and there is more...i am sure. Here are some pictures of our little adventure. Most of them were takin' by S. I wasn't in a takin' picture kind of mood. It was hot people. :) I really enjoyed myself. I only wish I had been able to talk with more people. Plenty more trips. I am sure.

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