Monday, July 9, 2007

that boy puts the -ee- in sweet

it has been a long couple of weeks of hanging out. no complaining from me but it is really good to take a break from it. even if it is just one night here and there.

i borrowed the golden girls from a friend...season 1. i am so all over that shit. this thursday we are going to make sushi and watch gg. not to be mistaken with gilmore girls, please.

in my quest to focus on the greater things in things i will try doing:
  • making delicious food and taking pictures of it and posting about it
  • taking more pictures of more stuff and posting about it
  • randomly searching the web for another design job to add to my current one
  • fix the rr. website (uh my gah)
  • continuing running
  • not read that one blog that seems to be taking passive aggressive hits on me
  • look into taking an actual photo class
  • watch golden girls
  • start watching buffy.....ahhhhhhhhhhh

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