Sunday, July 8, 2007

It's summer

a little update on life:

  • work has been good. mellow and good.
  • going to a lot of DYM shows. last night there was a house party and it was fun. all of those young hipster kids, danced like they've never danced before. more house parties are definitely in order.
  • saying good-bye to some of the people from the past has been a huge relief but also sad.
  • i need to pick up some sort of yoga or meditation class. it will do wonders for me, i'm sure.
  • it is wierd because i only work 20 hours a week right now. and i have no school. i am left to just relaxing which is wierd because normal times through out the year....are so busy that i shut down.
  • i want to take a photo class. i really really need to learn how to use a camera.
  • watching tv is stupid.
  • i have started jogging and my knee a little bit hurts.
  • even after what a crazy year this has been i am surprised by some actions. i was warned but i have or had faith. i will keep the positive thoughts and leave the negative at the way-side.
  • just finished 'big love'. can't wait for the next season.

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