Thursday, January 8, 2009

Past and Future--it's never you. it's me.

Let's look back to 2008. What did we do? And what do I want for 2009.

1. So many lovely backyard BBQ's. Most years we try to travel. This year was nice because we needed and wanted to enjoy our house. There was gardening, BBQ-ing, and redecorating to be had.

2. Got an adorable baby puppy boy--Ollie.

3. Made lots of new friends. Who are fantastic and hope to have them in our lives for lots of years to come.
4. Experienced 'Artic Blast 2008'. That was fun.

5. Had a ladies night(2 times!) which was fabulous.
6. Was snowed in and had a friend's xmas.
7. Friends Thanksgiving

8. Went to Seattle
9. Halloween party
10. went to the beach house
11. built garden boxes
12. planted a ton of plants/trees
13. finally went to the zoo
14. attempted a knit night.
15. weddings/birthdays oh my
16. biggest election in my lifetime
17. went to san francisco
18. redecorated spare room
19. went to fresno

20. reconnected with old friends.which has been amazing.

what i would like to accomplish in 2009 and beyond....

1. continued mindfulness
2. try to keep only those healthy relationships in my life. eliminate any tiny amount of negative energy from others, including passive aggressive behavior (and, of course, in myself too). no more self centered people who only do things to benefit themselves and i think have no idea. it's exhausting and a waste of my good energy.
3. continuing good health practices: yoga, running, swimming, strength training, repeat. these things, as well as, continued attention to what goes into my body.
4. be a good mommy to ollie, rosie, bela and venus
5. travel a bit more this year--including Hawaii, Cleveland and possibly Mexico
6. get ollie fully trained and ready for some serious agility training. fun!
7. be the best wife, friend, sister, and daughter i can be


Amy Ellen said...

I love to look back! It helps when you're ready to look forward. Nice list:)

Skyline & Sunshine said...

totally. and thanks!