Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Coming across tool after tool after grungy old crap, I realized that maybe just maybe we weren't dealing with the same kind of flea markets I was used to. It was the first one I have been to in Portland, so I don't have much experience. I can say that this one most definitely sucks it. I did however find a mixing bowl to add to my collection. It's the one below in the foreground. Not too shabby. I have decided I am going to start collecting old bakeware again. again. I am not an avid baker and I suck at vegan baking but the bowls and old Pyrex make me happy.

Following our Sunday Flea Market trip, I dragged Mr. Man to an estate sale. I am a sucker for these sales. Mr. Man get totally weirded out by them. And, of course, there is something strange about rummaging through a dead persons things. Although, often these sales go to fund a burial or house payments. I am sure the families keep what they need and want. And most of the time, they hire someone to deal with the customers and the family does not have to deal with the chaos. I guess part of me is totally justifying my many trips to estate sales.

The one we went to on Sunday was awesome. It was also on Saturday and you could tell that she (and I say she because a lot of stuff reminded me of my grandma's) had a lot of great stuff that was scooped up on Saturday. I know when my grandma passed we took everything we wanted and the rest we had to sale because we didn't have room for it. Although, if I did have room-I would have kept so much more. Below is what I got from the estate sale. A great mixing bowl and some awesome tin with pink plastic handled measuring cups! cuteness!

Then to keep Sunday in line, we decided that we should start building our first 2-4 x 4 veggie garden boxes. We ran out to the plywood store and pondered....cedar vs. pine? hmm.....We came to the conclusion that while cedar is better and will last longer we want went with pine because we hope to revamp the landscaping in the yard and may just completely change things in the next couple of years anyhow. Got home and drilled away. Attached the weed barrier to the bottom and viola-we have one finished. To make things even more exciting, we had to get a zip TRUCK and go out and get 1/2 ton of soil to dump in our new veggie bed. FUN! One down. One to go.

And because I must have had ants in my pants...I kept going. I re-planted our herbs into bigger pots, mowed the lawn and bought some veggies that still need some planting.


Amy Ellen said...

Yay!! I love planting veggies and herbs and watching them grow!

I miss Sunday and it's sunny warmth.

Christine said...

Those estate sale & flea market finds are awesome!

I love estate sales! We should go estate sale shopping some Saturday and let the boys go get coffee and lunch or something.

Skyline & Sunshine said...

christine-yes, let's do that! i haven't made the estate sale rounds since i moved here.


Christine said...

Yay! I can't wait!

Scott said...

Wait, so I built the garden box solo, and shoveled a ton of dirt, and yet I only get referred to as "Mr. Man"? BUUUUUUULLLLLLSHIT.