Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why we'd maybe move back to SF, CA...

Okay, so we are not moving back anytime soon but we would move back maybe someday. Driving into the city over the bay bridge is one of my most favorite things to do. The sun is shining, your windows are rolled just paid your $4 (now!) toll to cross the bridge and you start your way over the water. Once you tunnel your way through 'Treasure Island' your eyes are set on the tall buildings spanning across the financial district. All while music is blasting and you are taking in the whole city experience from a distance.

6 of my most favorites-there are more but these play a serious part:

1. The WEATHER (most of the time).

2. The hustle and the bustle. It's invigorating to have so much going on and to see.
3. THE FOOD- I recommend 'Cafe Viva' in North Beach, forget 'The Stinking Rose'! This place will steal your heart. yum!

4. You can pretty much walk everywhere. Where you can't walk you can take MUNI. Awesome!
5. Ocean Beach is like right there! Not only do you have big city BUT you have the ocean-RIGHT THERE!

6. It is much closer to our families



ashod said...

i've been reading sf craigslist waaaaay too much recently. scary.

Skyline & Sunshine said...

yeah, it's a great place. if we could afford to buy a house and have kick ass jobs...we'd go some day. probably. :) and even with all of the craziness happening around there..for me, it is still a comforting place to be.

Kate of All Trades said...

I totally feel you on that. I worked in SF for 4 years and lived in Oakland. I loved it there so much. Still miss it a lot. But I can't argue with affordable housing. And we got a pretty sweet deal going on here in Portland. So we're not going anywhere.

Skyline & Sunshine said...

Hey, Kate! Totally agree with affordable housing dealio. We would really only move if we could afford to buy a decent size home in a cool area. Probably never going to happen which is totes fine because Portland is fabulous too!

I suppose if we were that rich we could have a place in Portland AND SF. :)