Sunday, February 3, 2008

!Chicas y mas chicas 2008

It worked! For the most part the whole "photobooth" idea worked. Had there been a tripod the photos would have come out even better. It is always super fun to have to strike a pose and not really now exactly how it will turn out. Oh the suspense! All I did was take the photos in photoshop and create the photobooth strip look by adding white lines and cropping them just right. voila. I highly recommend this. It adds some goofy fun and we can all use some of that.

Introduced "hot dice" to some new folks. Sounds overwhelming when you start describing the rules but once you start you become addicted and the party goes wild. L came into the game late, so we gave her some free points, so she could join in and then she almost kicked all of our butts.

The blueberry coconut pound cake muffins were a hit! Blueberries in anything make my heart and soul melt...these are an absolutely fabulous addition to this muffin. Because it's a pound cake they are dense but with the added blueberries they create a great texture, smooth and almost creamy.

I love ladies nights.

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