Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hello 2008:Goodbye 2007

In beginning the New Year let's take a look at the past year. What did I do in 2007? And what can I do in 2008?

---We bought a house.
---We got Blackberries (the phones/not the fruit)...sheesh...who would have thunk it.
---Started seriously for real except then I didn't.
---Rode my bike more miles than I ever thought I would.
---Started really mending some relationships.
---Found that Buddhism and its practices are amazing.
---Learned to let things go. mostly.
---Started taking more photos.
---Started Journaling on paper. Which is good for all involved.
---Mellowed out A LOT. While I still feel the urge to always be busy...I can now relax & enjoy it.
---Had a great birthday with my friends. And a terrific massage and manicure at a fancy place.
---Threw SM the best birthday bash ever. I should go into business.
---Got a promotion and some perks with new job here and sort of here.
---Saw some friends who I hadn't seen in years.
---Handed over our old bad ass apartment to a lovely lady.
---WENT TO CHICAGO! and visited old friends. f-u-n!
---Had a "carnival" themed birthday party for BW.
---Picked berries.
---Took a mini vacation to Seaside and loved it WAY more than I thought I would.
---Went camping at Jones Creek.
---Amanda graduated from her MA program. Go Amanda! And she had a party and it was fun!
---Four Square fun times. Our league was almost formed.
---Went to the beach house in Depoe Bay. Yes!
---Took the train to Fresno and back.
---Went to school for art for a milisecond.
---Got a new camera. Still haven't learned to use it.

p.s. Good thing I took pictures or else I would have been in a position to think of things on my own. :)

---Really start exercising more frequently. Rain is no excuse. I live in P-Town.
---Start knitting again.
---Learn to crochet. I am almost there.
---More vacations! Maybe Seattle and definitely beach trips.
---Start actually doing Yoga.
---Keep up on reading.
---Be better at remembering birthdays and sending gifts/cards.
---Be better at making connections with friends. Use the telephone more often.
---When the weather is better-RIDE MY BIKE!
---Be crafty again.
---New Rosie Ro. Designs stuff.
---Re-do spare room to accomodate all of my sewing stuff.

I think that is a good start. Don't want to pressure myself. One day at a time.

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