Monday, August 6, 2007

It's like a real campin!

In some sort of order...

We got there and set up camp and hung out.We then ate some tasty spaghetti with garlic bread and roasted veggies! mmm...thanks, A!
Rosie slept. Surprise!We met some friends who were slimy.
We played some games...this one, i think, was speed. So intense.
We lounged in the sun.
More hangin out, yay!.The boys played us some music. Sometimes about juicy love.
We sat around the fire and chit chatted.

the rest of the photos are here

This camping trip was pretty awesome. I was soooooo relaxed. It felt good to just nestle myself in a chair with a beer and some sudoku. chatting with friends and the occasional getting up to cook or clean. or just look cool. or something. it was all so awesome. we were entertained by some lovely flying beetle bugs and slimy banana slugs. at one point i almost pee'd my pants because J had to run from the beetle that was attached to him. it's a situation you had to have witnessed. Singing, drinking, walking, campfiring, sudoking, journaling, reading, eating, snacking and and....ahhh...camping!

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