Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sail away with me

"Vegan Stroganoff "
End of the week re-cap cap:
  • had many lovely dinners. vegan dishes can be soooooooooo good. i highly recommend dabbling in some vegan fare. buy a cookbook...see what it's all about. tonight we made vegan stroganoff. oh dear! you should be jealous.
  • met with lots of lovely friends
  • got excited about the opening of ikea. although did not try to sneak in. :)
  • need to call my mom, s, e, and j.
  • been watching ridonkulous amounts of buffy.
  • my job is getting better.
  • found out i can no longer get school paid for. i have to pay for it myself. stupid post-bach and stupid school and stupid government. i am not bitter. really. :) mostly, just sad...BUT i think that just means i need to reconsider my options. i can take anything these days. i'm a tough chica...i think.
  • plenty of routes to choose from. currently considering all of my options. won't bore you with this or that.
  • it's hot and summery and i love to drink the santa cruz organic 'lemon lime' tasty soda drink. just finished one, so i thought i would share.
  • i am going to sign up for an adult college photo course. cheap. short. and basic. uh huh uh huh....exciting.

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