Thursday, July 12, 2007

Old habits die hard

Why is it so hard to stop doing something you once did? This is how we get stuck in ruts. Stupid ruts. I can't complain too much but there are just some things that I wish I could not do when I say I don't want to do it. A few things stick out like a sore thumb.....let's not point of my flaws in a public forum. But I mean....come on.

Bitterness and resentment. Makes me sad. I am not quite sure for who really. Everyone. I guess. I can truly say I am not bitter or resentful of anything that has happened. I have accepted every twist and turn for what they have been and have chosen to move past them. Truly forgiving and trusting means not trying to understand things you'll never understand. Sometimes things don't have to make sense. Mistakes happen. At least that's what I think I have learned.

I have found a running partner. She and I will start running. Running like the wind. Okay, again, lightly jogging but should be good for us to have the support of each other. Tonight, after our run...we will grill up some dogs. Yum! I need to think of a side to make. hmm....maybe a little 'zuchinin onion salad' of sorts.

This weekend is Jodi's 30th birthday dance party extravaganza. uh huh. That's party! I'll be sure to post pictures. Cupcakes and beer.....mmm......

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